Tonight I did a pile more work on the houses. Most of it you probably can’t see on the photo, but in all honesty I am really chuffed with these.

A huge thank you to David who suggested a bit of brown wash for the raised area and Woah! How right he was. The raised bits have all but disappeared! If you compare this photo and the following one you will see what I mean.

So today 3DALIENWORLDS brought out the teahouse set, which I purchased along with a few others…

So I went for the:


Canal set



Zen Garden

Torii gates

And a sashimono set.

I was going to get something on the printer this evening but ended up spending about two hours trying to help my daughter with her maths home learning.

I have a plan for a small shrine using some of these…

Awesome artistic talent on show!

I got the idea from a video on YouTube. Walking in the Nikkō village from the Edo period. It was great for colours etc. The guy filming it walked into a shrine that was up some steps with a small hedge around it. On the right was a small building and on the left some form of fence with ‘offerings’ on it. Not sure what they were, but they had some form of text on it. At the back was a golden statue on a plinth. it will give it a try with my sets I have got as well as the new ones.

Tomorrow I will get some more things sprayed, ready to go for the weekend.

On a totally different note, I thought I would share the picture my daughter drew on the iPad. She did a tribute to the NHS. I am really proud of her because she spent hours doing this…

12 thoughts on “More Work on the Houses

  1. I would be more than chuffed Steve if I had produced these little gems, so well made and so well painted, I can see what you mean about David’s advice, it certainly worked, we are lucky having a great bunch of followers who give out great advice , my work has improved so much since I started blogging ,the tips and tricks I have learnt over the last couple of years has been of great benefit.

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  2. See, having seen these buildings done I can’t wait to see how the teahouse set and shrine all turn out, so much so that I haven’t mentioned for ages the fact that the Aztecs/Scalians need their bases doing! 😉 Best tribute to the NHS I’ve seen I think! 🙂

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  3. The buildings are looking great and I’m excited to see even more in the near future. Your new plans sound pretty exciting to me. It is great to see a budding artist as well! I drew a lot as a kid and I’m sure that played into my love of painting minis (and creative pursuits in general) so I’d say keep your daughter armed with drawing supplies and encouragement 🙂

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