Today I spent a long time printing the teahouse. Okay I did little more than press print. The roof took just over 5 hours to do and the building itself just under 4 hours in total the building took most of the day to print.

Once again theses are amazing models with lots of details. The set comes with all the bits you need for the teahouse. I made a start on the fence too. I got as far as the gate and a corner piece.

There are lanterns as well as water features and the interior in the set too.

As can be seen in the background I added gates to the wooden gateway…See below for a closer look.

Whoops one of the lanterns is sideways!

The other thing I printed was the test Sashimono at 100% this time.

The one on the left has a Tokugawa clan mon on it.

I had a punt at these as they only cost a couple of dollars so it was worth the test. I have enough of the ones from Thingiverse printed then I doubt I will use these ones. Having the mon on them would make my life easier, but it would mean more time on the printer for something I already have a lot of.

Tomorrow I will carry on with the teahouse fences as well as the other bits too. I will also need to start on the canal pieces for the raised area of the shrine. I will then need to find a Buddha or something similar to add.

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