Well okay, it is technically the same Samurai Cavalry with more done to them.

Less and less white showing now. Still a fair old way to go, but broken the back of them now.

Tomorrow I will try and get them finished…I probably would have got more done this evening but my hair was really beginning to bug me as it was at the argggggh too long stage…. and as I couldn’t get to the barbers I took matters into my own hands….

9 thoughts on “More Samurai Cavalry

  1. Well, my wife said she’d cut my hair with the hair clippers I bought! I said we should test it out on the dogs first, which comment was rewarded with an icy stare! But she’s done a pretty good job that I’m sure Telly Savalas would be proud of! 😉

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  2. The samurai are looking good! My fiancee shaves my head for me as I don’t have as much hair as I did in my youth. The quarantine has finally made having a receding hair line into a slight positive 🙂

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