So the rice store is finished. It printed overnight, taking over six hours to do. It was one of the few models that needs support.

My plan with the buildings is to do a small settlement with three houses and the rice store. There will also be a couple of single buildings as well as the paddy fields dotted about… (Not to mention herds of water buffalo) 😂.

I just had to replace the print surface after a hole appeared…

Took the photo after I ripped it off!

This is what happens if you leave the hole…

Bump with attached build surface!

8 thoughts on “Rice Store

    1. I now find it harder not to add something to the blog (250 days on the trot). I sometimes just do a tiny bit of painting, but it still gets added as that was my plan.i had stopped painting anything for a good while and stopped playing too (apart from the RPG’s). I decided to start a blog to record progress and then needed something added to allow me to record progress (chicken and egg). I joined a club and was starting to go to it quite regularly, then the old MH problems started and I dwindled a bit. But at present I am a painter and press the button on the 3D Printer type of person.

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  1. Ooh, this building really looks sharp. If you surround that with some rice paddies, you’ll be in business my friend! You’re going to have some really amazing samurai stuff when this is all said and done.

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