In case anyone was wondering, the houses come in bits…

The buildings I have made so far are made up of three room sections, two end walls and four roof sections. These houses can go from two room sections up. The walls are either mud or wood (they are farm houses after all). Roofs are either thatch or wood. The thatch comes in two styles as seen below.

I am having some problems with the corners lifting on these ones. I think it is because the temperature has dropped again. It may be that the bed has warped or something similar. But my money is on a draft as that is one of the things that causes such problems.

I have still got a lot of bits to print out including wood and stone walls, not to mention fields. The rice store is printing right now. Tomorrow I will see what I will print next… since I started printing the big Beasty I have used over a full roll of filament.

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