I am really knackered tonight so decided not to pick up a paintbrush.

I got both big beasties out and had a look at them. Looks wise, and not painting or colours, I actually prefer the Sleich one.

Now I know that one is meant to be an accurate representation of an Allosaurus and the other is a made up dinosaur thingy, but I actually like the smaller one more.

This will sound daft, but it looks more realistic! I think I must be going back to the old GW Lizardmen where the cold ones looked like Deinonychus or some other raptoresque beast. The heroes rode things that actually looked like a big bloody dinosaur that you could recognise. Evidently the dark elves are now riding drakespawn they look much better than the Seraphon cold ones.

I do fancy getting some stegadon…. problem is I like the old style that sort of looked like a Triceratops. The pictures below came from the Warhammer Wiki.

I reckon I am just picky! Anyway I have pre-ordered the battle tome. I am glad I didn’t get one when I ordered the box of miniatures as I would have been totally peeved to find I bought the ‘old one’ a couple of months before the new one. The other thing that is on the horizon is a start collecting box of skinks and skinky things. It has a skink priest, a Bastilladon with a big weapon on it’s back. Three terradon riders with big rocks to drop on the enemy from above and a unit of skinks. Now I was going to buy some skinks and at £22 a box they were doable. The start collecting box is £45 (with a 20% reduction) so it is well worth it.

I am going to wait until the book comes before I go for the next box. I have watched a couple of videos on YouTube where the book has been criticised and others where they like it… so I am none the wiser!

I enjoyed archery today. We were given sights today and it took me about an hour to get used to them. For the first time ever I wasn’t even hitting the target. I managed to drop low and to actually go right over the top. Once I got the hang of it I started to group the arrows better. On my last shot I managed to get them all within the size of a saucer. Three were actually touching. The problem is, I don’t know whether I was actually using the sight or using it to compensate for where I wanted the arrow to go. I reckon I will need to try again next week. Next week my eldest and I are going to try on the 18m distance. I reckon I will find out how the sight works then. Both of the girls are still enjoying it. My eldest isn’t too sure about the sight, but my youngest is enjoying using it.

Not sure what I will get done tomorrow, so until then – Seeya.

3 thoughts on “Big Beasty Comparison

  1. Can’t go wrong with Robin Hood, I say! 🙂 I think the old Lizardmen sculpts had a lot of character even though the new ones are more impressive looking and much more detailed. I got the sense that many people had the expectation of new sculpts for the Seraphon and GW didn’t really deliver in that regard. Hopefully the new book is a good purchase for you.


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