Tonight I managed to get a bit more done on the dinosaur.

Still a few bits to do on it, but it is definitely closer to finishing than a few days ago. I have archery tomorrow morning and then have work stuff to do in the afternoon.

I am still feeling anxious and stressed about work. Probably not something that I should put out there but there is a stigma in blokes saying what they feel. I firmly believe that if more people talk about how they feel then it will help others feel that they can too.

Hopefully I will get the painting finished tomorrow. I can then make a start on either the saddle and rider or on the cavalry riders.

Until tomorrow…seeya

9 thoughts on “Big Beasty with Added Colour

  1. Coming along nicely mate. I think we should always say how we feel. Gone of the days of blokes bottling it up etc. I used to be that way and all it did was t n me into an arsehole. Share how you feel mate. 👍🏼

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  2. Good to see the Dino coming along. He’s going to fit in great with the rest of your army.

    No shame at all about talking about work on your site and you should not keep in how you’re feeling. Share it in whatever way you feel most comfortable or feels right to you and I imagine it will help you sort out your feelings. I’m younger than you and I certainly can’t claim to be wise on anything but I’ve learned in my life and career that there is no easy path or sure thing when it comes to working. The best thing you can do is follow your gut make what you think is the right decision with the information you have but if you ever get to a point where you know you made a bad career move or it is time for a change then you do what you can to act on that and get in a better place. I hope this helps and that things get better for you soon!

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  3. Nothing wrong with talking about stress. It was stress that saw me take early retirement. It is easy to lose focus on what is importamt in life. Take time out to regain your perspective. Things may not be that bad but if you have to say fuck it and step down then so be it. Nobody in your family will thank you for getting miserable, angry, stressed and possibly ill. My guess is they would rather have a happy dad and husband any day of the week. Besiees, you might find more time for modelling! 😊

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  4. That lizard’s coming along well! 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing the rider as well when it comes round to his turn to get painted! A bit of archery practice would no doubt help with stress and anxiety I think (it would for me)!

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  5. Firstly, we as a gender, tend to keep way to much crap bottled up.
    Secondly, they is never any shame in expressing your feelings, and this platform is fairly off the beaten path, unlike say bitching about work on facebook. I spent entirely too much of 2017 and 2018 bitter, semi-depressed and resentful that it started to destroy relationships with family – all over work, it was not worth it and I’m glad my wife and sisters were understanding.
    Lastly – I love the big dinosaur!!!

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  6. Well mate you have received a good lot of advice from the lads and I totally agree with them, It’s great to have such a caring bunch of people eh ,so yeah mate let it out mate ,Oh and the lizard is looking really good, I steal your idea in regards to the greenstuff harness but I cant seem to find it ,I might end up with leather, I’ll just have to wait and see.


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