Tonight I managed to get some work done on these whilst the Sunday Family film was playing. So whilst The Minions played in the background I cracked on with getting some paint on these.

They are pretty much done apart from adding a dark colour into the eyes sockets to add a bit I’f shadow. The snakes are sort of done too. My original idea was to paint them all different colours, but in the end I went for all the same as each snake base will appear in a different place. This way they won’t look too weird being same pose/same colour.

The other thing I managed to get done was to actually get out of the house and go and join the archery club. I managed to lose them as in my excitement I forgot to ask where it was held. Luckily the options were limited, all had cars outside so it did make it a bit tricky. Thankfully someone dropped some kids off and they disappeared into the school.

It wasn’t a bad grouping for my first time shooting a bow in about ten years (mine was the bigger target). I then moved onto the smaller target on the right.

I could really tell when I started to get tired as my grouping went a bit awry. I will start going regularly, My two girls want to go too, so it looks like we will all go next week.

Back to work tomorrow, I am in, but the kids still have another day off. I intend to try and get the riders built. Once they are done then I will get them sprayed. I intend to get some straps added to the Sleich dinosaur using Greenstuff or cheap necklace chain (or a mixture of both)

6 thoughts on “Cold Ones…Nearly Done

  1. These ones are looking great Steve I’m glad you mentioned the snakes as I wasn’t sure if they were or not ,and as for the archery, Tech adviser and I tried it some years back and really enjoyed it ,so its good to hear your girls are going to have a go .

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