So today, sad to say, was another day pretty much in bed. I managed 40 minutes up and then felt pretty crap and crawled back into here and stayed put.

During the times when I was feeling less wobbly I started on the big Theropod thing.

I put the rider of Rohan in to give it a sense of scale.

I wasn’t exactly quick with this – it took nine hours to finish. To be fair I had to stop every so often.

Tomorrow I will get some Greenstuff onto the base to help strengthen the joint between the miniature and what it is glued to.

The one thing I did find, was that after I finished it, it seems to have no eyes…

The other thing I also need to do with the Greenstuff is to fill in some small gaps like the one on the snout.

Hopefully I will get it undercoated tomorrow.

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