Today was another home day. I managed most of the day on the sofa today. I did however manage to get the Greenstuff onto the base and into most of the cracks.

When this is dry, I will get it sprayed tomorrow.

I also managed to fire the printer up. I couldn’t be arsed to change cards so I went for something that was on the one in the machine.

This is the large dwarven door. It is the same width as the 3×3 tiles.

Now I am not sure why there is a small crack in the right had base but I will either just shove some superglue in or splat a bit of Greenstuff in there.

In my bed rest time I have been watching ‘The Vietnam War’ on Netflix. I am really enjoying enjoying it. I was well into gaming that period in the 80’s. Read and watched everything I could find at the time and I still found this interesting.

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