Today, or at least the early part proved stressful. As some of you know, I am the principal of a small school. There is me and my support staff. I couldn’t make it in today. I contacted my line manager yesterday to find she was on leave. So I contacted her line manager to find he was off island. I eventually got confirmation of cover being in place at 09.45 this morning. Luckily I had a music teacher in until 10.00 as the member of staff walked in at 09.55. They couldn’t find a supply teacher so central service managers had to go in to deal with things.

I have pretty much spent all day in bed, slept for most of it. My Fitbit shows the difference, yesterday I managed 3700 steps (most of my teaching day yesterday was spent groaning and reminding the kids that I was unwell). Today I have managed 400 steps. My average daily total is 7500.

So on the upside a parcel arrived not long ago.

More toys!!!

There is the one Carnosaur (with options to make three different ones – I think… well there are three different instructions). If you go down one route you can use the rider to make a champion on foot.

Eight mounted ones & twelve warriors.

A nice little force . I think unit sizes are 5 plus mounted and ten plus warriors.

I am going to print some bits and pieces too…

I can also print the following at full scale to allow for some funky terrain.

I have these too:

Which will work great as they are.

So once I feel better I will make a start on the miniatures. I had better finish the Wargs and riders first.

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