Tonight I fiddled a bit more with the printer. I checked all of the bits that I could. So to test it I gave it the big square base that it totally cocked up yesterday.

I pulled a fair bit of filament off the roll to allow it to have as little drag as possible and the print came out like this.

Problem is it had a bit of a naff crack in it. I shoved some superglue into it to help out. I have also sliced some rocks and things that I will glue over the crack to help strengthen it. So next thought was much better than this….

So that was a start. I do reckon that this weekend I am going to replace the extruder. Luckily I purchased one about 2 months in to owning the thing and it has sat in its box for ten months!

The other thing I did was to increase the temperature by 10 degrees. I was going to print another one off with the new temperature but being the pillock that I am I forgot to add it to the memory stick!

So instead of redoing it I printed what was on the card…

Townsfolk… from what I remember top row left to right:

Guard, porter, passer by

Barmaid, priest, lady one and two

Blacksmith, traveller and farmer

This lot were printed at 210 and have an infil of 50% (I think) .

They are pretty solid but some still have a slight delamination on the outer layer.

I also decided to print some dwarves, sadly, or not, I ended up starting to print some dungeon dressing, which will be great, but will take 3 hours instead of one..

It looks like I will be playing Hunter Call of the Wild for a bit longer…

4 thoughts on “3D Printer Shennanigans

  1. Have you tried an “Atomic Pull”? Might be worth seeing if there is some burnt filament bits stuck in the nozzle that are restricting the flow. The other thing that I’ve found that causes those issues is art not adhering well, a glass bed and a little hairspray will certainly help. (Amazon has some great deals on the proper glass bed). Good luck with the printer!

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