So today I checked various bits on the printer. I took apart the hot end as well as checked the Bowden tube and the couplers at both end. When I pulled the filament out I noticed this…

There was a definite bulge near the tip. It wasn’t huge but it was definitely there. Something up near the hot end was causing drag leading to a slight backing up of the filament as it heated.

So I set about having a look.

The Bowden tube was sitting up against the hot end so it wasn’t that. I took of the nozzle and discovered the issue (or at least I think it is)…

Top nozzle is brand new out of the box. Bottom one is the one I just took off. I compared the bottom one to others I had removed and this one was the only one with this build up. Now it might be that Some filament got left in there when I pulled it out, but it had the usual whisp on the end like it does whenever I change a spool so I think, fingers crossed, that this is the problem.

i put everything back together and I did a bed level. The machine was restarted and I printed the wardens, or attempted to…

The bed was too low, I then relevveled the bed and guess what, it was too high… third time lucky I hope as I am reprinting them…

And they were too close to the base plate, so close in fact that I couldn’t get them off. Unfortunately they split in half as the top layers came away and left the bit on plate behind… I swore!

I am now trying the square base.

My plan is to print a temperature tower, if I can work out how to do it in Cura. That and a bed levelling guide. The other thing is that the middle of the bed seems higher than the rest so I will move things away from the centre and see if that helps.

As Eric said, it might be an idea to go down the glass and hairspray route.

6 thoughts on “Printer Shenanigans II

  1. I would guess the nozzle could be saved with some brass brushes, but they are inexpensive enough that just changing the buggers is the usual thing to do!
    Now I’m no exert at 3D printing, but it does sound like much of your issues are coming from bed leveling. I had the same issues with the MonoPrice I started with, but replacing the bed is almost as costly as the machine, so I opt’ed for the glass. With the new Ender3, I purchased the glass at the same time I ordered some real replacement magnetic bed tops. Those tops work great, until the don’t or the aluminum bed warps. So after the second magnetic bed top crapped out on me, I installed the glass and never looked back.
    Good luck my friend!

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    1. I have just replaced the original extruder with an aluminium one. I reckon I am going to have to go down the glass route. There is now a wobble on the print bed so something needs tightened underneath. As for the nozzle I bought 20 when I got the printer. I haven’t tried calibrating the e steps, but it might be something I will need to do as well.

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