Tonight I tried another square base. It set off really well and by time it finished it was a total bloody mess. Yesterday’s tile looked like this…

Today the base looked normal then at about 2/3 of the way up it went to pot…

You can see the shift line on the left of the right hand fold, the bit to the extreme right is the top of the same piece. There is definite extrusion issues. I probably shouldn’t have been able to snap the piece as easily as I should have.

I swore lots and tested yesterday’s floor and snapped that too…I therefore swore more.

Under extrusion can be for a whole host of reasons. Anywhere from a clogged nozzle to problems with the slicer.

I have unloosened the extruded arm a smidge as this can be one of the issues. I checked the Bowden tube was still in situ and once the new miniatures are printed I will pull out the filament and see if there is a bulge at the bottom. Once cool then I will see if the Bowden tube is burned, meaning it has pulled away from the nozzle.

I see a few more days of swearing coming up!

Some knacker forgot to increase the infil on the miniatures!

They are rather funky though.

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