Well I just walked through the door 10 minutes ago. My plans for a sneaky painting session came to nothing as after my two youngest’s play, which was very funny .

I ended up being taxi for Eldest and Eldest’s friend. Not got a problem with that, but it was originally going to be my good lady doing the run, but as it was getting icy,. she asked me. Friend lived 15 miles beyond my house hence the late getting in…Therefore I haven’t the urge to paint anything. So instead I spent my 10 minutes hunting down some civilians in a brown box (which turned out to be white).

I got these a couple of years ago for an Aliens RPG using Savage Worlds. To be honest they are a teeny bit small(You can see the size compared to bishop), but they make some nice civilian scientists and security…Something the Wey Yu Commando might need to escort. This lot come from some Star Wars Game, apart from the winged beasties which are some kind of Heroclix monster. They were all really cheap, somewhere between 20p and 40p each. They will potentially get rebased sometime in the future.

Regarding the RPG

Having read the rules again last night a player doesn’t need to beat a score, they just need to roll at least one six.

So with a strength of 4 and stamina of 4 the player rolls 8 dice. If they get a six they succeed, any other sixes are bonuses and allows them to undertake stunts – basically bonuses based on their skill.

If they got no sixes they could push the roll, in other words roll all 8 again, but would then need to add one to their stress level and then roll a number of stress dice equal to their stress level.

Other players can lend a hand in a task, each giving one extra dice.

Group rolls are just that, one person makes the roll, with up to three others helping. Only one roll is made, not one from each player. Sneaking in a group is harsh… the player with the lowest rating makes the roll alone, which is, in reality, quite realistic.

The one thing it is very clear about in the game is that failure is failure, you don’t get another roll. You have to find another way.

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