So today has mostly been spent in bed, with odd foray to the bathroom or kitchen. I slept until 13.45 and have somehow managed 1200 steps on my fit bit.

Luckily the 3D Printer was nearby, so it hasn’t been totally unproductive day.

Five done with the sixth on the way. These are going to be Christmas gifts for my class.

I also spent this afternoon reading the rules for this…

I am getting the hang of them apart from the unskilled roll rule…

As soon as I copied this it made sense… each skill is based on an attribute… so strength attribute has close combat, heavy machinery and stamina as skills. You have 14 attribute points to spend between 4 attributes and then 10 skill points to share between 12 skills. In the game you add base attribute and then skill level. This gives you the number of D6 you roll. So if you don’t have the skill you are reduced to the attribute alone.You are allowed to push you luck by rolling stress dice based on your stress level. This increases the the likelihood of succeeding, but also rolling one’s which is bad. Up side is you don’t need to roll a dice for mundane things. Field stripping an M41A prior to a drop is easy, doing the same thing whilst the barricades are being overrun by Xenomorphs is a totally different thing.

Having read a bit more, further into the book each time you roll a dice you add the stress level dice too, getting a one means there is chance that your character panics. The system here is add a d6 score to the stress level and read off the chart. This runs from no effect up to catatonic. Mostly this only lasts for a single round, but if the score is high enough then the results can permanent.

Reading the pre generated game (cinematic) chances of survival for the players is pretty slim! It starts off on a small moon LV-426 in the terraforming facility of Hadley’s hope… whatever can possibly go wrong!

I cracked open the card pack too

There are:

22 weapon cards,

20 Character cards,

3 vehicle cards

10 initiative cards.

The weapon cards do have multiples so a number of repeats in there. There seem to be 20 separate characters who are used in the 2 published adventure modules, but are also useful as NPC’s

Three vehicles are the Cheyenne dropship, the Apc and the Daihotai 8×8 civilian tractor.

The initiative cards are simply numbered 1-10 so you can see what order people go in.

I am toying with the idea of printing the troop APC as well as some civilian vehicles. I have some civilian ones already downloaded from Thingiverse and RPG now, these were going to be for Starship Troopers so useful for both…

The other thing I have already is a shuttle craft..civilian, but still something useful for both games…

Tomorrow is my two youngest children’s Christmas play, with my eldest having a bean feast soirée. Not sure how much I will get tomorrow.

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