So at last my Predator hounds came today. I excitedly opened them to find that I have been sent puppies that I need grow to make them into fully fledged hounds.

They are bloody tiny! So to make sure I hadn’t imagined it I just watched the scene on YouTube and although there is no direct comparison next to a human, they definitely look bigger on the screen.

Have a look and see what you think…

So to make sure it wasn’t the tall predator making them look small I put them next to a Wey Yu Commando…

Nope they still look small, both are in rearing poses so they look quite tall when stood on boxes etc.

As there is a dead Wey a Yu Commando on the base I thought I would compare him. I reckon Wey Yu are accepting child soldiers into the elite…

Just look at the difference between the two hands. The unpainted one is closer to the camera.

I managed to just about compare two heads, apologies for the naff photo, the Ipad was struggling.

I reckon there is near enough a 50% difference between the two.

All in all I am somewhat disappointed in these… I hadn’t realised that when I got them for half the average price that they would be half size! The only reason I got them is because they were cheap!

On a more positive note…

I finished the Hussars and the bases on the commandos.

Tomorrow I will clean up the hounds and get them painted, not that I want to, as they are evidently hunt chihuahua. Luckily they don’t appear in my Aliens RPG… knowing my players they would want to pet them and snuggle them.

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