Well I am off with the British/commonwealth tanks and vehicles.

I fully intended to do a slate colour over the base colour then promptly forgot and chose green! Luckily General orders are my friend here.

1941 –  G.O.1272 now calls for a basic colour of Light Stone No.61 or  Portland Stone No.64, according to supplies with one disruptive colour over at the discretion of Commands i.e. Palestine , Malta , Trans-Jordan etc.  This cancels GO 297 of 1940 and GO 795 of 1941.   At first this may have been Slate in patterns similar to Caunter but later possibly Slate No. 34, Silver Grey No. 28 and Black have been noted in apparently random patterns

1942.  Over Light Stone 61 the single colour disruptive was still in force although many units did not employ it whilst others used a variety of schemes, designs and colours, some with black and/or white outlining.

I painted the tracks on the tank and the tyres on the wheeled vehicles with the same colour as the French armour.

These still need a wash putting on them to get some shading in… and then getting all the gubbins painted.

Tomorrow I will carry on with these and try and get them finished by the evening. Then onto the German armour.

I have suddenly thought that I need some walls etc to act as line of sight blockers/ cover. I have buildings and palm trees, but could really do with some small walled fields – the problem is I am running out of time.

5 thoughts on “Allied Tanks

  1. Coming on well! You could maybe just mix up some sand, cat litter and PVA glue and lay it on strips of thick card or lollipop sticks to represent tumbledown walls, spray it in white or sand and wash in brown – they won’t really hide much but if it’s more a line-of-sight marker you need it might do!

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