Well okay, having two different colours is different right?

Hopefully they are now different enough to be distinguishable on the table now. Waiting for the paint to cure before cracking on with them. The Allied Stuff is more than likely to light a colour, but with a wash on it will darken up a fair bit.

Every time I look at the allied tanks I think I don’t have enough, then remember that I have all the French stuff too.

I did have a bit of a hiccup getting these done! All of a sudden the airbrush stopped pushing paint out. I was a bit miffed as I had just filled the cup and had to dump it!

After much swearing, prodding and fiddling it started again, so everything ended up getting a few coats over the white. No doubt tomorrow I will find the one with only one set of tracks and wheels painted.

As I had the ivory out, I though I might as well blast the brick sections on the houses.

A bit of clean up is required, but it was a heck of a lot faster than with a brush. I will give them all a wash of something brownish too to make them pop a bit more, that and paint all of the wood.

And finally we come to sheep, yes sheep… the woolly Bahh bahh things.

I was stood this morning waiting for my lift and I noticed something peculiar in the field of rams. They seemed to have ‘paired’ up. When one moved off then a second would follow. What made it a bit more weird is that they had paired thus…

One black face and one white face in each grouping. In this photo you can see the black faced ram following the white one. They kept like this in these pairs all the time I was there. Probably a total coincidence but weird nonetheless.

I did feel sorry for the one in the distance as he didn’t have any friends!

It wasn’t a bad morning this morning…

Definitely Autumnal….

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