Well by further work I mean I applied a light tone wash…

They have certainly dulled down a bit from yesterday

I might dry brush them a bit tomorrow to get them back to a lighter tan.

I didn’t get much done today as this morning We put in a stove in the kitchen and this afternoon I dropped my kids off and, shock horror, actually went to a wargames club! Yes I did indeed… probably the first time in 2019.

I took my submarine game and Martin and I had a bash at it, we survived…just and limped back into Kiel. Our Score was a D, but at least we sank stuff and survived!

There are at least three (possibly four) gaming clubs up here. Thule which I was one of the founder members in 2007. This meets on a Thursday, but as I game with a mate who works different shift patterns sometimes the only day we can do is a Thursday ( plus I haven’t been there since about a July) not to mention where I work now and with my wife needing to be in various places on a Thursday I just haven’t managed to get this year at all. The ‘Shetland wargames’ Club meets on a Sunday and does mainly GW stuff, but over the years I have noticed them starting to do some historical stuff. The other two clubs are mainly Dungeons and Dragons Role play games. So I am going to give the Sunday club a go and see how I get on.

Well I bit the bullet and ordered a DBA Samurai army from Tin Soldier. This will get me started at least, it’s not the large one I wanted but it is less than half the price of the bigger one.

On the Up side, Battle Valour Games are now doing 15mm Samurai, and Martin, who I gamed with today is the uk supplier. I will purchase a sample pack to see how they compare size wise to Tin Soldier. Hopefully they will be a similar size to the Scalians which fit in well with Tin Soldier.

Tomorrow I will try and get some more painting done.

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