Well I now think I have enough tanks for Games day. These are the final few that I have printed off and sprayed tonight.

As can be seen there are more than tanks here.

Two SAS Jeeps and the Chevrolet with a Breda in the back.

The Austin Tilly, a kubelwagen and staff car

Two MkIII’s and a MKII and finally a Churchill.

So that is enough German armour to keep me going for a while. Off the top of my head there are four MkIII’s, two MKII’s, a MKIV, three Stug and four 38T’s plus a sneaky little 222. I might still do a Marder II if I have time.

The other thing I sprayed this evening were some of the buildings.

There are still a couple to get roofs on and then sprayed, but to be honest if I don’t get them finished then I will have enough to go with.

The Char B got it’s base coat on the turret tonight. It needs its camouflage and wash doing, then giving it its number 3.

So what do I need to do next?

Spray the German and British tanks in the appropriate colours then paint up the bits that need doing with a brush. Unit markings for them all (not looking forwards to the British ones).

Get the houses painted. I am going for the ‘cop out’ white ones with cream bricks 😉.

Either use the polystyrene hills I have, or use them as a base and make my own… not sure yet.

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