Well I didn’t get much painted tonight, in fact I only managed to put a wash on the French tanks.

Although it has dulled them down a bit, I think they look better than they did here…

I would have got more done, but I spent a good while just sitting looking at them trying to work out what was wrong. The front left Somua is the same one in both photos. The wash has certainly clobbered the light colour, but I am relatively happy with the result.

I put a light tone on all of the paintwork, this was ‘watered’ down with medium 50/50 but it was too subtle so I went for 75/25. Once this was dry I then hit the joints with a neat dark tone to give them a bit more depth.

Tomorrow I am going to hit the tracks with basilicanum grey Contrast paint. I am not sure how it is going to pan out straight over the sand colour but we shall see.

The one thing I noticed was that the newly Printed Char B turret is totally different to the rest ๐Ÿ˜ฑ. To be honest I am just going to leave it as it differentiates it from the other Char B’s.

As for the troublesome MK III….

Here it (or possibly they) is/are…

The more astute of you will instantly be able to count up and realise that a there is more than one thing there and that the troublesome tank is missing it’s tracks.

As to why I now have a Chevy and two SAS jeeps is a bit beyond me. It may be the case that I either inadvertently moved the dial up an item when I clicked print, or possibly added these onto the slicer and forgot to change the name before saving… who knows.

It really isn’t a biggy, as I was going to print these sometime anyway. What I will do is reprint the weapons (apart from the Breda) as they were printed on the side, straight onto the bed. This means that one side is flat and the other 3D.

Tomorrow I will print the MK III (I hope)!

My good lady is still hale and hearty, Thank you everyone for their concern.I have managed to blag a lift tomorrow again and hope I can do so on Thursday and Friday too as it is a bloody long way to walk to work.

7 thoughts on “French Armour…and a troublesome MKIII

  1. The wash has toned the lighter colours down and they all seem fine to me. I always have the same problem with three tone camouflage, which is why I use a very dark black/brown wash that doubles as muck – if it shades the darkest colour well, it’s usually way too dark to work on the lightest colour properly, but at least it’s quick to do!
    Not sure how that newer Char B is different, unless it’s just the new turret (which is a bit too black to see properly). There was variation in the turret and gun mount between the Char B1 and Char B1 bis so I wouldn’t worry too much if the turret’s different. ๐Ÿ™‚

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