Tonight I managed to print a MKIII and a MKII as well as remembering to print the turret of the Char B.

I also managed to get some paint onto the French tanks…

I was going to use the airbrush for these, but in the end thought bollocks and got a brush out.

I looked at my paints and had a quick shufti at some French camouflage and then completely made this up.

Still got a fair bit to do, by fair, I mean loads…

Not sure how much I will get done tomorrow as I am reliant on lifts to get home so who knows what time I will return. I would like one more MKIII printed and then I think I will call it a day. Sadly however I found some SAS/LRDG vehicles which I just had to slice… I will be interested to see how they print. Basically I have done a couple of jeeps, a couple of cut down Chevy plus full sized Chevy too, not to mention a pile of armaments from a Bren, through a Breda and onto a Vickers.

hopefully tomorrow is a less stressful day. A big thank you to everyone for the kind comments.

Sadly my Samurai army will probably have to wait a couple of months, but at least I can ask for it for Christmas, on the other side of the coin, it means I can tackle the lead/plastic mountain and crack on with the shit loads I have part finished or not even started.

Off the top of my head:

Perry’s Hundred Years’ War French Infantry,

15mm FiW minis (cant actually remember what)

Flintloque cavalry, elf currasiers, dog Hussars and Witchlands Light Cavalry, not to mention various infantry sets

Finish my 15mm undead horde

Not to forget a shit load more 10mm stuff from Mongols, through fantasy and into the Sudan.

I really should start selling stuff I am never ever going to use

And actually play with some of the stuff I have painted!

4 thoughts on “More Tanks

  1. These are progressing well! As far as “had a quick shufti at some French camouflage and then completely made this up” goes, good for you! I’m thinking I’m going to do the same for my Somuas (whenever that will be)!


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