At last it is finished!

Some pillock evidently had it on super fine or something, but this took just under 5 hours to print. It is understandable as the MKIII took just under two hours at its resolution 0.15 I think, the Churchill was 0.1.

The one difference between this and all of the other tanks is that the turret on this one was printed horizontally. All the rest have been printed vertically with the rear on the base plate.

I reckon I will print another one (and only one) of these, but will do it at a lower resolution to speed things up a bit.

Tomorrow I carry on printing, but will also begin painting – I must remember to print the Char B turret first!

I wish I could remember what version of the Churchill this is VII or VIII is ringing a bell.

Anyway so much for an early night! With the power issued on the printer then I didn’t want to leave it running overnight.

More Tanks tomorrow… Char B turret followed by a MKII and then one or two MKIII’s depending on the time.

2 thoughts on “Churchill

  1. Good progress! The Churchill looks like it’s come out well! I’m no good with Churchills but from that view I’d go with a Mk IV since I can’t see the thicker rim round the base of the turret that the Mk VII seems to have (but it just may not be visible on a black vehicle). Later Churchills have round access doors in the side and the air intakes arranged differently from what I can remember reading decades ago, but I really am rusty on ’em without looking up the differences!


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