By Axis please read German, Although it is the desert war, I haven’t got round to printing any Italian tanks yet.

So here we have two MkIII with long barrelled 50’s

Two 38T’s, a MKII and a 222

Two early Stug with short guns and a later Stug with the long barrel.

Already printed are two MkIII, two 38T’s and a MkIV, not to mention a Tiger and a panther. I am hopeful going to manage to do at least another couple of MKIII’s and another MKII. I will try and get some Italian armour for completeness and possibly a couple if Early Marder for open topped tank destroyers.

As you can see, the allied armour has had another spray, this time in white. I decided to redo them as I found a bottle of Iraqi sand paint. This is (in my mind) closer to the allied tank colours from the desert. Once the spray has cured I will get the airbrush out and blast them with the appropriate base colours.

A Churchill is being printed at the moment. Sadly I couldn’t find an early version. Compared to the other things printed this is huge.

Once the Games day is out of the way I will have a blast at Azazel’s Orctober with these.

It is a bit of a mix of metal and plastic LOTR stuff I have lying around.

I also want to buy the 15mm Samurai from Tin Soldier, but all of a sudden I got an email about these:

I am so going to have to get some!

Right off to check on the printer then time for more Cold and Flu plus!

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