So this happened today…

Luckily my wife wasn’t hurt and it happened at relatively low speed. The car seemed to judder so she went to pull in – it kept going left and then hit a very big ditch. So that is us without any cars for the foreseeable future. This is what can best be described as a total bugger as the nearest bus stop is about 3 miles away and as it is wool week then all of the hire cars are out on hire too. Luckily one of my parents at the school has said he will come and get me tomorrow morning. What a total star that he is. He also does my cleaning and does the school transport so I am totally in his debt.

11 thoughts on “Cars… From bad to Worse

    1. Cheers Dave, car is in the garage being looked at to see if it is saveable. Esther is fine, a bit achey and bruised but otherwise unhurt, by all accounts it was the slowest flip in history.. if there hadn’t been a big deep ditch then she would have run along the verge and stopped.

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