Well, as I can’t print anything, more on that later, I decided to paint something. The nearest thing to hand were the statues.

I bet you can’t tell which one was done with the lowest resolution 😉. To be honest I could have binned it but decided against it as it is a weathered stone statue. The photo was taken quite closely, but at a metre away the lines don’t really show that much. I will get a green wash around the bottom to show damp. I did consider covering some in creepers etc, but I am not so sure. In the past I have used string, died a shitty brown and soaked in PVA. This is draped over things and left to dry. Once dry ‘leaves’ are added. The problem is it can look either: ok, good or totally crap. Probably why I am not going to bother.

These statues came from Thingiverse for free, but as I have printed a fair bit from Terrain4Print, I decided to help him out through Patreon.

Still coughing my guts up, but thankfully not as much as yesterday.

Regarding the printer, as I said yesterday, I contacted the manufacturer through Amazon, they came back this morning asking for further information through photos or videos. I have sent these back to their technicians and we will have to see what they come back with.

Tomorrow I will probably spray the desert houses and make a start on them this weekend.

in a total change of direction (and doing my bit for Shetland Tourism) the Northern lights are out…


Picking them up on the Sumburgh cliff cameras

6 thoughts on “Statues…Standing Silently

  1. They look good to me, mate. And even with the visible print lines, it kinda does work on these, as it adds to the “hewn from stone” look, where it would be more of an issue on other models. Are you planning to submit them for the September quarter terrain painting challenge? If so, drop a link to the post on my blog when you have a chance. On my tablet right now, so I can’t do it myself atm…

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  2. I reckon the one on the right gives you a great opportunity to do some weathering. I guess much depends on the setting you envisage but fine paint lines coupled with painted tea leaves can provide a nice Climbing Ivy effect.

    Good luck with Amazon and hope the cough gets better soon. Just as long as you are run down enough to not do jobs but fit enough to paint and model! 😉

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