Well the nice people from Creality came back to me again, asking for more photos and advice on what to do next. I unscrewed the power unit from frame and then the plastic cover from the power unit.laid it down and switched on the socket to check the voltage and voila… power to the whole machine.


Checked all connections and they seemed fine.

Put everything back together again and the power went off again…


Fiddled with the wires…power came back on again….


Started printing something and all of a sudden loss of power again…

Boooh! (I said something like that)

Fiddled with a connector and the power came back on again…

I restarted the print and watched the connector… as soon as it moved, power went off. I therefore got a glass jar and blue tacked the connector to it.

It worked well, right up to the point the tension of the wires popped the blue tack off.

More blue tack later I managed to print a 38T. You can see the extra blue tack in the background.

This one took 2 hours 3 minutes to print…

I am printing another one now to see how it goes. I have contacted Creality again to let them know where things lie now. It looks like either a loose connection or a fractured wire, so I am keeping a close eye on things.

The other thing I managed to do was to spray the Allied tanks… apologies for the purists amongst you, I grabbed my Army Painter Desert Yellow and blasted them with it.

Originally I had only done the French tanks as I reckoned they had ‘interesting’ camouflage patterns and I could get away with it, then I thought bollocks, I only have a couple of weeks to paint them all and I don’t have a British paint colour, so they got a blast too.

I must remember to print off a new turret for the Char B now that things are limping along.

I am going to get the short barrelled Stug III sliced tonight ready for printing tomorrow… not to mention any other Axis tanks I can think of.

6 thoughts on “Tanks… Off He Goes Again… Maybe

  1. Glad to see you making progress here! I used to be a “purist” but life’s too short for that and I’ve seen the error of my ways! They’re your tanks, so paint ’em how you want ’em – I’m looking forward to seeing how they come along! 🙂


  2. So do they think it’s one, or more, of the power supply connectors? I’m asking for my own knowledge, and wondering how the wire or the connector would fail that way, assuming the bad connector/wire is in the power supply box and not running to the bed or moving with the cross-brace.
    I am glad you’re up and running again, and good to know Ender stands behind their products!


    1. They have asked me to check things again… Dear customer,
      Thank you for your message.
      For further solution, please check if the wiring of the combination switch on the power supply is loose (see the attached picture). You can re-plug them. Also please check if the wiring on the power supply on the motherboard is loose.
      If you cannot measure the input and output voltage on the power supply, please use a multimeter to measure the voltage of the power supply cable to see if it is 24V (see the attached picture).
      Please don’t forget to provide your manufacturer No. as the attached picture shows. Sorry for troubling you again.
      Best regards,
      Creality 3D

      So at least we are getting somewhere. I suppose there is movement of the whole machine in terms of vibration, it might be the case that a loose connection has come loose.


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