I feel the need to shout Unclean loudly and paint a cross on the door, the Nasty cough has come back big time – so instead of trying to paint intricate details on something 15mm tall I decided to shove some paint on something nearer 100mm tall instead.

I threw a lighter grey dry brush on these. It’s a bit heavy to be honest, but I am going up a few lighter shades and then add some colour to the eyes, tongue and associated metalwork.

Car is in the garage, which according to my wife was a hoot. She phoned them up to ask if they could get it in, they said they could most certainly pick it up from where it was parked … then hung up before asking for a name, the registration number or where it was parked. Luckily when the keys were dropped off, they were accompanied by a note giving the necessary info.

Regarding the printer, it is probably the motherboard or something like the cables to the motherboard. I have contacted the manufacturer through Amazon and we shall see where that leads.

It has done really well up to yesterday and I have printed lots of things. I only wish I had done more German tanks earlier on. But as I said yesterday I have got just about enough German stuff to make for a game, or indeed, I could use some of the French tanks as captured equipment. I have got enough buildings to see me into the game and to be honest I can scratch build rooftops with card if necessary to add in any more.

Hills are easy peasy so all systems are go. Just got to paint everything next.

Out of interest, I have just staggered into the lounge and my family are looking like this…

Should I be worried?

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