Okay so maybe not quite rainbow coloured, but quite bright non the less.

Not that you can really see from the above. Still a long way to go, but the contrast paint seems to be doing a reasonable job on this scale. I have now got sixteen pots of the stuff. Because I am a pillock I have got two pots of Blood angel red, I will take the unopened one back tomorrow to exchange it for a different colour. One of the other colours I cannot stand. It is a very bright green. The one thing I must do before returning the pot is to write down what I have got so I don’t balls up again.

I also fired up the printer again today and did another couple of statues…

I gave them a blast with a grey rattle can to mainly act as an undercoat, but also to allow them to be photographed easier. The middle one is from last night, the other two are today’s print. I put them on a raft and they printed really well. I put a base of Aztecs near them to let you see the size if them. These were printed at 70% of the original size and they are still quite large. The hands come separately and fit nicely into the wrist socket.

My original idea was to base them in a group, but looking at the size of them I think I will go for individual bases. I will print of some 50mm textured bases tomorrow and get these stuck down. To be honest I will probably print off one more. There is a worn version which I think I will give a go.

I printed off five more Lizardmen today too, but disaster struck and only one is useable, one is missing a weapon, one is missing a base and the other two are basically spaghetti monsters. Next time I print them one at a time👍.

Tomorrow will crack on with the Aztecs as I want them finished ASAP.

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