I made a start on these tonight, gave them ten hours or so for the spray to cure a bit more.

I got a bit bored painting skin, but on the upside the contrast paint Aggaros Dunes works well for a darker skin tone.

I Love the miniatures but I really wish I had mixed up the types. For some reason, unbeknown to me, I put them on the bases as they came out of the packets. So each base has identical miniatures on it. I really don’t know whether or not I can be bothered to take them all off. The suit wearers will have different coloured suits so at least there will be some variation.

I wrote types on the bottom which was very organised of me, however I mixed up the Quachic veterans with the apprentice warriors. I just must remember to paint the Quachic veterans in their yellow suits.

I also printed off a couple of statues…

The more mathematically astute of you will note there is only one visible. That is because the sister to this one fell over at the 7 hour mark. I swore! I did learn something though, these will need a raft to help. The elbows come with built is supports, the second one’s support fell over and then in time the main body somehow collapsed as well, probably the spaghetti monster that engulfed it caused it to lift from the bed. The total print time for both was 9 hours 10 minutes.. I printed them at 70% to fit in with the 15mm minis. She is the Goddess of War, a very suitable subject. The STL files have a new version and a crumbling version as well as a damaged on too. My initial intention is to have four of them in matched pairs.

The hands are printed separately, one holds a sword the other is either a fist or an open hand. Once again this came from Terrain4Print free from Thingiverse. I will either tip him through there or become a Patron as I have a lot of his stuff.

Whilst waiting for the print to finish I made a start on the clothing on the warriors. The peasant tunics are pretty much all painted, still a long way to go on the rest.

Tomorrow shall involve more printing as well as more painting.

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