So I managed a bit more on these today, they are nice chunky figures, but there are some bits that are a right pain to get a brush into, well there are when you base them prior to painting 🙄.

I chose colours based on the various codexes. I think it is Codex Mendoza that states the peasant shield was a white field with a blue border (the white needs to be added) so to tie them all in the rest have the same blue on their ‘belt’ . I will crack on with some more tomorrow. I reckon they are going to be quite colourful when they are finished.

I managed to print off the bases for the statues this evening (this reminds me I must collect the other two and then switch off the printer.

I still haven’t decided what colour to do these, natural stone or painted… I am not sure… I will do a bit of looking up and see what there are pictures of.

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