After 10 hours (I think… totally forgot to check before switching off the printer) I have got my temple finished and it is, in my mind, absolutely superb.

Once again the Black PLA is helping no-one see the detail.

The piece comes from here I-Lovecraft. The stuff on there is lovely, if you have a 3D printer check it out. There are Fantasy, Meso American, Roman and Asian buildings and accessories. My favourite out is Bridgeton – it’s a modular bridge with houses built onto it. Something I think I will save up for.

Anyway back to the Temple I printed.

It comes in 5 main pieces (plus a brazier) there are four floor pieces.

These in turn hold up the Jaguar head.

Based on the hole in this, my bed needs levelling again. I will have to have a think as to whether I want these pieces overgrown and disused or have them full colour. If so it looks like Disney’s El Dorado will be coming out again as I really like the colours of the city.

So what do I think of this piece, firstly I haven’t done it justice on my printer. First off I didn’t use the hi resolution version that was available in the download, secondly I set my printer to a middling quality, I could have set it higher, but with that comes a longer print time 10 hours seemed long enough and I am impatient. I meant to get up early this morning and totally failed to do so! I only set the printer going at 11.00 am so I wanted it before I went to bed. Yesterday I was up to near as damn 2.00 am waiting for the pyramid to print. I think they are pretty awesome. Both are €12.50 in the online shop, but I got mine in the humble bundle so came in at a fraction of the cost. The thousand dollar question is would I buy them full price. Probably yes, depending on finances at the time. The MDF ones shown above were a whole lot cheaper, but and it’s a big but… these are a a whole lot more detailed and I can scale them up or down, not to mention print out two dozen if I wanted to. The temple is pretty much a single centre piece (but the separate heads are really useful to add as Scatter). I would still go for it as I couldn’t get anything as nice in resin or plastic for the same price. There was a nice resin temple for fish tanks in my local pet shop. It was nice, overgrown etc but it was £25 so even mooching about for other things still works out more expensive.

Once I get better at the 3D modelling, these could be distressed and damaged prior to printing which means even more things that can be done for the price.

So all in all, definitely worth the money. Something near to 16 hours print time, but still way faster than anything I could get delivered from the mainland.

So here they both are with a base of Scalians for Scale.

I dropped both of these to 60%. I might do another pyramid but print it full size. I reckon that would be a bit impressive on the table.

My next conundrum is how to base them, if at all. Temples like these would be part of a larger complex. A table of pyramids and temples would be cool, but it would be an absolute nightmare to try and store safely.

I could go for something like my HOTT stronghold here Temple Completed I did this on a smaller courtyard… like I say something to ponder. Tomorrow I intend to finish of painting the Scalians, print off some more bits and bobs – including some 25% sized jaguar heads to make some form of pathway to the temple and then make a start on my Tin Soldier Aztecs.

4 thoughts on “Scalians… Temple of the Moon

  1. Very nice! Had a look at the pictures on the website of your temple in a light rendered image and it does look an impressive model (as does that bridge)! I could quite fancy trying my hand at Conquistadores/Meso-Americans but that would be yet another period started, so it’s nice to see your figures!

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  2. Haha! Well, since they’re 15mm I’m not daft enough to offer to paint any for you because a) they’re too small for me, and b) from I can remember, they’re quite complicated to paint! As far as getting any myself is concerned, it’s more a “that would be nice but don’t I already have (number deleted to save embarrassing myself) figures to paint?”! I’m looking forward to seeing yours painted though (no pressure)! 🙂

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