I got the shields stuck on today and slapped some paint on. The rims could do with a bit of a highlight, but other than the bases I reckon I am finished with these.

Apologies for the lighting, we moved our house around today, where the table ended up had pretty naff lighting. I will get them all out tomorrow for a photo shoot.

I also hunted out my Tin Soldier Aztecs. It is a DBA force so only 36 miniatures to paint. I am pretending that I haven’t seen the Box full of Black Hat Aztecs or the Tin Soldier Conquistadors that I forgot I had. I will base these up as I normally do. 20 x 40mm for them all 😂. I am playing more HOTT at the minute so they will match in with the Conquistador army I played in at the last HOTT tournament.

The printer whirred and squeaked and yodelled it’s way through som3 more bits today.

I have 5 jaguar heads, 5 pillars as well as the altar and bowl. Total time 7 hours 40 minutes (I remembered to look today). I have downloaded some more stuff from Thingiverse from Terrain4Print. I will slice them tomorrow and set it running again.

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