Today I am knackered and I blame my children,

we went swimming and their way of enjoying themselves is to chase me round and round and round in the rapids then chase me in the indoor pool and then chase me in the outdoor pool. Then sit on my back as I have to test my lung capacity to get across the pool before I expire…

Anyway, I managed to get some more paint on this lot, only half an hour’s painting as there was homework etc to do too.

I am trying for the 30 minutes a day for 50 days. Up to day 16 and had one pass so far.

I have also ordered some more figures, these are some Star Saga miniatures from Mantic and will hopefully be ideal for my fleet officers and fleet rescue teams.

12 figures for £7.99 isn’t too shabby. The top 5 would have been ideal for proxy MI infantry too. Oh well… I don’t know how big they are compared to the EM4 ones, but hopefully Mantic haven’t gone down the mega sized miniature like GW have.

On the 3D printer front, I made this for my Wife’s colleague. Everything is designed by me apart from the actual letters. I downloaded those and put them together to make the word he wanted. It is backwards as it will be imprinted into the wax.

Although it is a really basic thing I am quite chuffed as I designed it. The lettered bit sits inside the pot, the hole is there to technically push the whole thing out..

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