I decided to spray my Plasma bug black today to help speed up the painting. My major issue was that I had already sprayed the bulb white… a quick ponder and out came the cling film.

It worked really well or so I thought. I bet you can’t spot where the cling film was torn!

I gave it a blast with grey to help add some highlights. I was quite pleased as I managed to get get this done before work.

When I got home I did some more on the Light Infantry. Mainly the armour on the troopers as well as a bit of splinteresque camouflage on the sniper.

Still a whole lot to do but I am getting there at a rough rate of half an hour a day… day 17 so far.

Whilst I am painting I have been listening to an audiobook on YouTube…

It is about 30 years since I read it last. My Starship Troopers obsession is now taking me into comics… the first 4 should be with me soon.

I suppose I should make a comment on the YouTube comment, it is in fact quite a big thing… 2 weeks ago my internet download speed was 0.2 at its very best.

I am now sitting at this…

It is amazing how much easier it is to watch YouTube at this kind of speed 🤯

Off to listen to more of my story 😁. 4 hours in and not a bug in sight 🤔

16 thoughts on “Big Bugs and Light Infantry

  1. I just finished reading Starship Troopers myself a couple of days ago. I found it to be an extremely good book. Good that you are making progress on your forces.

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      1. I’ve never seen the film or any visual adaptations, though from the previews and advertisements I’ve seen I’d say that was my sense as well. The book wasn’t what I was expecting in the sense that I was expecting a bunch of first person combat scenes rather than mainly administrative/command & control issues from a platoon-level officer/NCO.

        Without giving away too much for anyone who hasn’t read it, I found the story arc with the protagonist’s father interesting.

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      2. Huh,I figured they’d have mixed gender mobile infantry teams in the movie, since that fits more with the spirit of the times now versus when the book was written. Still, I do think Heinlein, considering when he wrote the book, did a good job of including women in the milieu doing very important jobs.

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      3. They do, Dizzy in the film is a female, in the book he is a male. I do like the bit about Bulkhead thirty straining to hear an approaching female… as you say although the M.I. are infantry, a lot if the fleet and Pilots are female.

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      1. I requested it through intra-library loan, so I should have it pretty soon. It must be pretty good then; the list of books I’m willing to read more than once is a pretty short one as well.

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