Well I gave them a good spray this morning along with the Plasma bug.

The two at the front are going to be my ‘downed’ fleet crew hence the smg and pistol. I sprayed them grey and once dried I attempted a highlight in white… quite frankly I ballsed it up big time.

The big fella was sprayed grey and then the bulb was sprayed white. I will attempt to paint it sometime. I will more than likely use my airbrush on him.

Once I gave them a good 8 hours curing (I know it should be longer) I started blocking in the uniform colours on the troopers. I left the officer and fleet crew as a I am trying to think of a uniform for them.

The sniper is having dark green armour with a splinter pattern instead of the grey blue that everyone else is having.

It was a nice day so I took a quick photo on the way back from my daughter’s riding lesson.

Not a bad place to stop off at. I am not sure what happened to the photo, it seems scratched and grainy. I think one of the filters must have been open…

Other Shetland News… we have had a fair few Humpack sightings over the past week, there used to be a population up around here that were almost wiped out by the whalers. Perhaps these are from the stock that survived….

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