This post is to answer a comment that Ann made after me showing my Reaper Bones ghosty.

And to quote…

now this got me thinking. So I nipped out into the shed to find a couple of the bigger ones and set them out on the adventuring rock….

They do indeed have a bit of a sheen.. so for comparison I hoiked out a couple of GW plastic things I cobbled together.

I would say that the troll at least has a definite shine to it there does also seem to be on bits of the ogre. Because of the strong sunlight my test was not the best…

So I came inside to take another photo…

The two big ones do definitely have a sheen to them that isn’t present in the two hard plastic miniatures.

The interesting thing is that the ghost and the ogre had a lot of dry brushing added to them whereas the troll was base coated and painted up in washes.

But having a real close look at the ogre the sheen is there too.

This video doesn’t exist

So in answer to Ann, nope you are not the only one it happens to… it happened to me too 👍

I am now of to play on a very expensive digger. I need to get a high speed broadband cable in by Monday. Wish me luck that I don’t find any power cables or phone cables. I know I won’t find a gas main as we don’t have mains gas on Shetland.

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