I wanted to get something done, but too tired. The reason is that I have sat in a digger for the last two days.

We had to dig a 220m trench to put a fibre cable in. The first bit see below was a nightmare as it was all rock from when the track was put in.

Most of the digging was yesterday, today was back filling. We then cut towards the house across the track…

I armoured the armoured cable a bit more by running it through a 25mm water pipe. This had to go under a wall and into the garden.

Things worked quite well apart from some nightmare rocks that were filling a gate opening, they were massive. The other slight problem I had was when I was backfilling the track. I might have inadvertently smacked the caravan with the digger…

It was already buggered and is held together by the straps. A storm tried blowing the roof off last year (luckily I had a digger then and managed to hold the roof on until we could get it strapped down).We were waiting until May to make sure the winds don’t blow up before I cut it up.

We got it finished by teatime tonight…

4 thoughts on “No Painting Tonight

  1. Well done getting all that finished! It’s not painting, but you must still get a sense of achievement from it. I’ll be watching out for a guy with a digger in the next series of “Shetland” now!


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