Well that is this lot all done,.

First up the Heresy Miniatures Inspectors.

These were painted up for my mate and to be honest I am rather pleased with them. They are for his secret project so I can’t say much more about it 😉.

Next up are the cultists…

I decided on a blue and red robe for this lot, my original idea was to have a dark red robe, but as I was severely lacking in dark red so I went blue instead. These still need varnishing but the ground cover has been sealed (something I often forget to do).

Finally for this month is my weird hand monster. There are only 4 needed for the game but at some point I might add some more, that is if I can remember what colour I used for the skin! 🙄

Again, like the cultists these need varnishing to protect them a bit.

I still have a few figures to paint to complete the full game. I need a couple of heroes finishing as well as the winged beastie then the game is ready to play.

One thing on a totally different track altogether was to start thinking about the desert village, I am getting a laptop back tomorrow the other was destroyed, well it was £120 to fix it or get an upgrade for £200. So more houses can be printed.

This is a sketch plan for one of the villages I am considering…

As you can tell, drawing plans is not my forte…

The houses in the foreground are two joined together by a courtyard. My plan is to have 6 to 9 houses in three villages. These will also have palm groves and the like to add further cover.

Regarding tanks I am going to go for some mkII’s as well as some Marder 2 and some Italian tanks too, then More British tanks including some M3’s.

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