A quick speedy paint of a ghost…

This is a Reaper Bones one, very soft flexible plastic but these things seem to take paint well.

Is it a male or female ghost, who can tell. It goes woooh wooh and scares people. I will need it for next week’s RPG session where the players will meet a shade from Angmar.

I will probably put it onto a larger base to help with stability, but the bases are in the bottom shed and I am in the kitchen.

Rather than the usual basing material of base ready I go for, this time I went for a less rocky flock. This is the flock myself and my daughter made. It is running out so small bases like this are handy.

11 thoughts on “Wooooo Woooooo

  1. Looks good. I miss RPG’s. Nothing like them. 🙂

    I’m glad you were able to get your ghost to take some paint. I tried painting some Bones miniatures some time ago and didn’t like how it turned out. It was hard to get it to take paint and when it did it ended up having a weird shine. I tried them with and without priming and didn’t seem to be able to get the good results I see others having on here.

    Maybe I’m under some form of painting curse or some errant scrap code has infected my brushes?

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    1. Thanks Ann, to be honest I have never had any problems, but I know others have had. I shoved this one in a bowl of hot water, squirted it with dish soap and attacked it with a tooth brush. I base coated it by brushing white airbrush paint on, then a thin blue wash, white dry brush. The flesh tones were a mix of white an the palest flesh colour I had, followed by a very watered down grey from the gravestone.

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      1. Huh, maybe mine were cursed? 🙂

        I washed them with dish soap and tried them both with and without primer. At best they ended up looking weirdly shiny, but I see you and other people having success with them so I guess it is just me.


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