Yep, it went all doolally again today! Took it apart to make sure there wasn’t any filament leakage, there was none. I decided to put the new Roll of filament on, so I checked the hot end was still up to scratch.

Tried my fourth attempt to print the count from Ill Gotten Games. To be fair he got up to the waist before pinging off the build plate. Now I learned how to add bases and things to miniatures today thanks to IGG. They have a nice little YouTube video on putting bits together. Even better was the fact that it was free in Windows 10… huzzah.

So after the count disaster I went for some more Sci Fi weapons crates. One if the lads failed totally and the other was a total bugger with filament sploodging where one of the handles should be. I let it finish, dumped the spaghetti and cut the handles off the other lid.

I might actually use my new 3D skills 🤪 to completely remove the handles before printing begins.

Last night I printed this cart…

It is a very nice cart except that a four wheeled cart like this would need a turntable otherwise when it went round a corner it would slide sideways. I intend to make it a two wheeled farm cart. I will also do something about the width of the shafts. I am married to a competition driver so these things are ingrained….

I managed to get all of the tiles finished tonight…

I am going to put a request in to IGG see it they can do a corner for both the road and the river. That way I can increase the length of both…

And finally…. on the print plate are another three town guards. They have been running for three hours 45 minutes and are up to their chest/shoulders. I would like to wait until they finish but I want my bed. I went swimming with the kids an£ what with playing chasing games and getting me to swim with them on my back then I am somewhat fatigued!

I haven’t forgotten my neglected elves, I sprayed them and then errrr neglected them as I started painting tiles 😱. Hopefully I will get on with them tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “3D Printer…Another one of those Days!

  1. I do like those tiles! I also like the “Life With A 3-D Printer” theme you’ve got going, with all its ups and downs. I think I must go to bed before you, which is why I’m always a day behind with comments, even though we live in the same time zone.

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