Yup I downloaded More minis today 😱…I am beginning to think I am developing a problem.

The next three town guards try to work out what to do with the goblin. The other two are a big oaf and a porter. I managed to snap the porter off at the ankles and then dropped the other one and the top of his head sheared off! I think I might have to increase the infill a bit or at least change the structure.

In case you were wondering, this is how the guards came off the printer…

I put them on a raft to make sure they stuck. They also had a lot of whispery material between them, you can probably just about see it on the heads.

It kind of looks like this (apologies for the naff photo)…

It is some form of extrusion issue. I am trying to work out whether it is too much or two little going through the nozzle. I do know that it is a right bugger to clean up properly.

The four above are 4 Alternative hero miniatures for the printable game I am working on now. You can really see the issues with the strands on these and to be honest this is the worst I have seen.

Once again all Of these are from Ill Gotten Games.

I also managed to spray all of the tokens tonight. Note to self … wear a mask when spraying lots! I found 4 different coloured sprays to make them different.

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