The printer was not printing anything this morning, it was being a bit of a bugger last night so after threatening it with violence, I checked the bed level it was way out. Not sure what caused it to change so much but I blame….him….

I am not sure whether he had a snooze on it when it was warm or whether it has been changing incrementally on each print…. the problem with the latter theory is that it was way, way out. Never mind levelling with a piece of paper, this thing could have taken at least a piece of cereal box card. On the up side we got there in the end!

So Today I managed to print off some more sci fi barricades and some more alien plants.

The four barricades came in at 3 hours 30 minutes and the plants at an hour 19 minutes each.

I also got some paint onto the game tiles…

The tiles, especially the building ones still need a lot of work, but I am happy with the other ones and will get them varnished.

I am giving a 4 wheel wagon a go at the minute. This is something that failed yesterday and this morning. Touch wood, but it has got a bit further than it did earlier. I can actually see some wheels and the bodywork forming. This is a two hour print so I might manage to stay up until it finishes.

6 thoughts on “3D Printer… A Day Of Ups and Downs

  1. Yep, have to agree with Pete and Azazel here! All coming along nicely. I think painting rather than flock/static grass was the right way to go with the tiles and I quite like the forests!
    Good of the cat to let you use his 3-D printer (and that’s a nice picture of him)!

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