Well the laptop is fixed and we are waiting for it to come back from Unst, the most northerly of Shetland’s islands. The guy only comes down once in a while so it may be another week before we get it back.

As it stands the place I have it in is too cold to print. Even the printer was telling me.. We ran out of gas for the fire and due to a failure of one of the electric radiators in the house meant that we had to move the ambient temperature heater out of there. To be fair the temperature outside had dropped to -8 in the nights. The building is still a work in progress so there isn’t any insulation in the roof or the walls for that matter, but as they are a metre thick, insulation is a bit of a moot point.

As my printer was out of commission a work colleague very kindly printed me out a goblin on his Resin printer.

He is pretty awesome. I can’t wait to see what my one can do.

3 thoughts on “3D Printer Update

  1. Yeesh, been awhile since I’ve been in -8. We once lived in a cabin, that we had to chip ice away from the INSIDE of the door to get out in the morning. Crazy times.

    That resin mini looks super nice. Are they using the chemical bath trick to smooth things out? What brand of printer are they using?

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