I got some filler onto the bases and smoothed down with a bit of water.

I am making, what is best described as, slow progress. There is still plenty left in the tube in case I need to do another layer in places.

The filler in this case is Tesco super cheap stuff £2 a tube..

This contains 330g. Plenty left for other projects. This is the cheapest I can find up here. I can probably get a better deal online, providing the postage is free.

I am toying with the idea of doing an open grave, as I still have another pile of squirty foam ready to go. One of these was going to be a grave, but some knacker glued it to the base before cutting out the shape of the hole.

Another project that could do with sorting out is the 6mm road wars terrain. Once these are done I might make a jump to do the 6mm stuff, not to mention a pile of MDF buildings in 15mm.

Some good news is… the laptop is fixed, however my good lady forgot to bring it home with her. Much to our dismay, we will give her one more day or it will be dry bread for tea 🤣🤣

The following mausoleum is one of the things I have purchased from Fat Dragon Games and was going to be part of my January terrain build challenge, I might still squeeze it in as I have 9 days left.

I am really looking forward to getting this printed.

Click on the link to see it Mausoleum. Not a bad model for £2.49 in the sale. Full price would have been just over £3.00 so I am not complaining in any way, shape or form.

3 thoughts on “Graveyard Scatter… Further Work

  1. Open grave should be fairly easy to do. A bit more mucking about than a simple headstone, but not too tricky. Looking forward to that Mausoleum now, too!


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