Well it is now at the yucky Naff stage, I had to it the brown base coat to help cover the white, I will lighten it up a bit but most of it will be covered with flock.

This layer has PVA added to help it bond with the bottom layer.

Hopefully some tidying up will help it look better. I will dry brush the fallen rocks and lower part of the cliff face when this lot has dried. When I paint it tomorrow I will not use the half inch brush I used today 😱

6 thoughts on “Graveyard looking Naff

  1. I don’t know why it is but whenever I’m doing base work there are three stages of appearence – Good, Crap and finally Very Good. I find the same when decorating a room at home, it has to get worse ro look better. I’ve learnt to judge it when finished and I’ve every confidence that this is going to look very good in the end. The flock will give it the colour and life it now needs and the dry brushing will make the rocks pop. But you know this.

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