Couldn’t get the groundwork painted as I added some grit to the hill…

It was a very quick job to get the grit down but a very long time to let it dry. It should be okay to get a base coat on tomorrow.

As this was drying I had a mooch around the house and came across the BBA aka big bloody Alien…

The marine is there for scale… I reckon he is shouting ‘sit!’ Now I know a fair bit about the Aliens franchise of films at the very least. The only time I have seen this one appear is in the computer game (oh and the board game). Retail cost for him is normally £30. I got him for a tenner with free postage. Too good an opportunity to miss I thought.

Tomorrow is the first of Shetland’s Fire Festivals, the galley is burned on the water in Scalloway. It looks like the weather will be good. I will endeavour to get some kind of photos of the event.

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