I am pretty new to this Kickstarter Malarkey,

so I was very pleased to see a parcel waiting for me on the kitchen table when I got in tonight.

What seems like an age ago I backed a Kickstarter by Hammerlot Games. They were producing some resin gravestones, and as I have a rather large undead force for the Witchlands I reckoned I would give it a shot.

This was my pledge… I reckoned 40 plus gravestones would be enough.

To be honest 10 would have been enough, but they were so lovely!

Hammerlot were wanting 1000 Euro’s they managed a whopping 14,000 plus, which is very impressive. As you can see from the above the delivery date was July, and I got them in November… am I bothered, not at all. The company were up front at all times and kept everyone up to date by regular updates and to be honest I think a little team of 4 people would be hard pressed to deal with such an increase in demand, they also moved production to a new location (see I said they kept us up to date).

I am really impressed with the quality.

These are the two sets of twenty gravestones…

Following are the stretch goals…

They really are awesome. A close up of the gravestones…

They are all different, no two are the same.

A close up of some of the others…

I really do like how the handles of the tools are made out of bone.

So was my Kickstarter gamble worth it, most definitely. I am looking forward to getting them painted and onto the table…

They will work well with my Witchland’s forces

A ghoul officer orders an undead engineer squad to lift up a tomb lid…I grabbed the unpainted lot as I couldn’t be bothered to dig out the painted mob…

This gives some idea of the painted types…


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