January’s Community Challenge

January’s challenge was terrain, so I decided to give some a go. I was rather pleased with the result, however I could have done more if I hadn’t become rather lethargic and lacked motivation.

But anyway I managed to get from the raw squirty foam to a few pieces of terrain.

As I had a bucket load of resin gravestones I decided on a graveyard theme. Rather than a flat graveyard I wanted something a little more dramatic.

I was pleased with how the ‘grave hill’ came out.

I then did some smaller hillocks using the off cuts from the foam. These were originally going to be covered in graves too, however I decided that the pieces would be more flexible if I avoided the gravestones.

I also made a start on another hill, but ran out time…

One of my other plans was to get this completed in January…

I did manage to print it in time, but it was meant to be based and painted too…

I will endeavour to get the last two finished sometime soon.

Graveyard…Just About Finished

I may decide to add some variation to the main grass, I will have to see.

But to be honest, I am happy that I have gone from this…

To this…

This build is a bit like the dark side of the moon in places, no-one has seen the other side, so here you go, the dark side of the hill…

To be frank, it isn’t that exciting… but it is a nicely defendable spot, unless the enemy can fly.

So what do I think about it? Well it is pretty much looking like I had pictured it in my head, except in my head the top was bigger with a few more graves on it. I had to compromise as I was tied by the EPVC for the base.

The rabbit hole and skull was a happy accident. There were a few large holes in the foam. Some of them I filled, but this I left because of it’s location. Rabbits are a bugger for digging up Archaeology so the idea was born. I painted the inside black and then threw some PVA down and covered it in basing grit. I fully intended to paint it, but once it was dry I found I liked the colour so left it as is.

So where next? 🤔

I reckon a bit of tidying up on some of the Earth colour wouldn’t go amiss and as said earlier a bit of contrast in the main areas of grass would break things up a bit too. I also need to get this sprayed with watered down PVA.

I feel the urge to do some more scatter pieces involving gravestones. As mentioned in an earlier post I intend to put them on irregular shaped bases as opposed to CD types. I would like to do some Yew trees as they are very graveyardy trees… probably not for the January challenge, but sometime in the future.

I ordered a mausoleum for the 3D printer but until I get the laptop fixed (it is off being sorted) I can’t convert it into the necessary gcode required. Hopefully it will get sorted ASAP as I want to play with my printer again 😞

I quite fancy painting up my 15mm Lizardmen I won at the HOTT competition. But terrain first methinks then onto painting minis next.

Graveyard With Grass

Well I started on the grass tonight… I did have a bit of a panic as I was running out of my small indoor pot. Luckily I still had a fair bit out in the shed. Why the panic? This was the flock I made myself and I haven’t a clue what colour I used to get the green.

I am doing it in a few stages. The top first and then around the hill when the top dries. This green is a base level. There will be lots of textures and colours over the top of this.

I did totally balls up by covering over the spoil from the rabbit hole, but in hindsight, putting the spoil over the grass would be more realistic.

The damp bit has a lot of dark and bright green as well as some tussocks in there, not that you can really see in this photo. The bushes are not stuck down, I was trying to get an idea of what would look good. There is also a climbing plant in the damp alcove.

This is made from rubberised horse hair (or coir matting in this case) PVA was glued in random spots and then the thing was dipped in foam flock. This is very fragile at the moment and needs a dam good coating in watered down PVA to strengthen it up. It’s not a very big bush, as those are 2 mm squares. It is roughly 4cm by 2cm.

As a total aside, I caused a bit of consternation and hilarity at the yard after bringing the horse in. I informed a lady that I was having difficulties getting it up!

Luckily she realised I meant that I couldn’t get the wet horse rug over the top of the stall wall. Well if I find a packet of viagra in my tack box then I reckon she didn’t know what I was talking about.

Tomorrow I will finish of the grass layer on the base, then make a start on the next layers.

Graveyard… With Added Graves

Well a graveyard without graves is basically a yard, and a graveyard hill is a simple hill.

These are stuck down with ‘No more nails’. Normally I would just put these down with PVA, but they are in a prime spot to get knocked clean off. There are a couple more gravestones to add in the two indentations in the foreground.

I can’t get anything more done until this glue dries. Once it is done I will get the stones and grit on then get the ground base colour painted.

The big hole is deliberate, this will be shrunk a bit and some grit added at the base of the opening. The hole and slope will be filled with bones and a skull as if a rabbit or something has burrowed into where the coffin was.

I didn’t get the chance to do much else due to a small boy contracting Scarlet fever, not to mention the normal day to day Shenanigans of daily family life.

The other exciting news is that U-Boot is starting to be shipped out this month…. very excited!!! French and English are finished, other languages are in production too.

I only hope my table is big enough 😱😱😱

Graveyard Gamble

I am pretty new to this Kickstarter Malarkey,

so I was very pleased to see a parcel waiting for me on the kitchen table when I got in tonight.

What seems like an age ago I backed a Kickstarter by Hammerlot Games. They were producing some resin gravestones, and as I have a rather large undead force for the Witchlands I reckoned I would give it a shot.

This was my pledge… I reckoned 40 plus gravestones would be enough.

To be honest 10 would have been enough, but they were so lovely!

Hammerlot were wanting 1000 Euro’s they managed a whopping 14,000 plus, which is very impressive. As you can see from the above the delivery date was July, and I got them in November… am I bothered, not at all. The company were up front at all times and kept everyone up to date by regular updates and to be honest I think a little team of 4 people would be hard pressed to deal with such an increase in demand, they also moved production to a new location (see I said they kept us up to date).

I am really impressed with the quality.

These are the two sets of twenty gravestones…

Following are the stretch goals…

They really are awesome. A close up of the gravestones…

They are all different, no two are the same.

A close up of some of the others…

I really do like how the handles of the tools are made out of bone.

So was my Kickstarter gamble worth it, most definitely. I am looking forward to getting them painted and onto the table…

They will work well with my Witchland’s forces

A ghoul officer orders an undead engineer squad to lift up a tomb lid…I grabbed the unpainted lot as I couldn’t be bothered to dig out the painted mob…

This gives some idea of the painted types…